American Abolitionists and Antislavery Activists:
Conscience of the Nation

Updated February 11, 2018

l to r: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips

Eric Saul, Website Editor

This website was created as a tribute to American abolitionists and anti-slavery activists. 

The research and the material that appears on this website is the result of an ongoing project to compile a database of individuals and organizations who were opposed to slavery.  It is our hope to continue to add to this website on a regular basis.

We are a nonprofit organization and the work to produce this website has been done on a voluntary basis.

The editor is Eric Saul.  Saul is a historian and museum curator, and author of several books on history.  He has curated a number of exhibits on ethnic minorities in the United States, including African Americans and Japanese Americans.  Click here for Eric Saul's biography.

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